Anna Shilina is a world traveller, insightful author of The Business Tango, engaging speaker, rousing results-driven coach and dynamic entrepreneur. Anna was born in Ukraine and grew up in South Africa. The challenges of being part of a small immigrant family shaped Anna’s determination for success. 

Over the past decade, she has amassed a wealth of experience throughout a diverse array of business industries around the globe, which is a testament to her unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated resolve to make businesses succeed. 

Dynamic, charismatic and energetic, Anna is enthusiastic about adding value and sharing her expertise so that others too, may excel in their personal and professional capacities. Her experience ensures that the knowledge she imparts is practical and can be applied with ease. She shares her passion for personal development and entrepreneurship in an explosive way, leaving you engaged, energized and always wanting more. 

Join her, as she opens doors, minds and hearts- empowering you to reach elevated levels of success.

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